Quick thought

When I study “Women’s Self Defense”, as my newest interest, I find plenty of posts & articles of these “experts” trying to preach how striking and dirty tactics are the best way to prepare for real life.  

*Before I begin, this is not a blatant attack on anyone or any style!*

With that said, if you’re teaching on a grand scale, then the idea of striking an assailant  is one of the WORST IDEAS EVER! Don’t get me wrong, IF someone can dedicate themselves to years of intense training, then MAYBE they will be able to use striking skills against an opponent.  

For the normal hobbiest who trains 1-3 times a week the idea of dedicating themselves to training on top of daily life with professional life, this is next to impossible.  When it comes to striking, there is a very important detail most “experts” neglect.  ADRENALINE! I’ve always been taught that you perform roughly 30% less than your training-self because of adrenaline.  Once the adrenaline kick in, the heart rate goes up, the chaos of the situation causes disorientation, and now you(the hobbiest martial artist) are suppose to strike the assailant in the nose, eye, threat, groin, or ear.  Small targets mixed with all those issues really leaves a huge margin for error.  

Let’s say you DO make real contact, the strike combination hits the throat and groin..and to your shock…he doesn’t drop like he was suppose to in training… *Intensity intensifies*.. what option do you have now? You’ve been told that he might be on drugs or alcohol, and that seems to be the case, as a result the strikes don’t have the desired effect.  You’ve trained it in class but nothing replicates the real thing. Now we add the drug/alcohol & infuriation variable..dang.. I think we see how this might end…

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life fighting grown men for money(pro fighter lol) and what I’ve learned is that even trained fighters DONT create the perfect punch/kick etc.  I recognize and understand that the targets are different but a TRAINED human fighting another TRAINED human shows that you can never count on a few simple ideas.  
This is a fun little post about what has been on my mind…no conclusion hah just a thought! Don’t hate the opinions folks!! 😅


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